Winter Makes Us Happy

Update: Added my final edit for the 2nd photo. All feedback (good/bad) is appreciated!

1. Here's a cold, frosty sunrise I shot a few weeks ago in a tiny rural place.

I want to focus on the pole and the sun, so I'll make it square. Additionally, I want to emphasize the contrast between cold frost and warm sun, so I've tweaked the colors. I started with basis adjustments & cropping, applied a VSCO Film preset, and then modified curves and HSL to my taste. I finished it off with a slight split tone, and a graduated filter. 

2. My next photo is the start of the descent from the Kramolin ski area in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. It's a typical winter sport photo, I want to make it just a little more interesting. 

Here is the original photo, unedited:

Here's my first light edit. So far, I've cropped a little off the left side, cloned out some at that left side too, changed the tone of the trees to more greenish hue (still undecided if I like it) and tried to remove a bit of the overall haziness. I'll come back later and see what direction I want to adjust next. 

Edit 1: 

Edit 2: 

I tightened the crop some more, and cloned out a skier or two at the edge. Added some structure to the snow and sky by using a very mild graduated filter, resulting in a brighter diagonal across the snow from bottom left to mid right. Changed the overal tones back from greenish to somewhere in between green/blue (very subtly).


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