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Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.



Winter Magic

Practice #1: Warm Ups

I’ve been intrigued by digital painting for awhile now -- seeing if the way I work in traditional media translates to digital and specifically if that organic, painterly feeling can be achieved with pixels instead of paint.

I can’t really explain my fascination with it other than my being pretty geeky! ;P

On the left is one of my first explorations with digital painting. On the right is my 30th or so dog portrait. Still pretty gestural but as I mentioned in the video lesson with ink, I’m so much more comfortable with my stylus than I was with dog #1.


This medium is SO FUN. I just enrolled in Gabrielle DeCesaris' digital painting class!

Practice #2: Connect with Your Joy


Eyebrowed Thrush from the second video

Practice #3: Artist's Date Sketches

I went to the "Walk in 1875" exhibit at the St. Louis History Museum, inspired by Compton and Dry's map of of St. Louis. The exhibit is amazing and serendipitously, on another artist's date, I found a copy of the actual map at an antique store on Cherokee Street!


Sketch inspired by the exhibit

Practice #4: Honor the Seasons

The exercise of taking inventory was soooo good for me! It's so easy to get caught up in what I still have to do and forget to celebrate what's already been done! Small victories, right? My favorite completed projects from the recent past is my VIDA collection. The rush of not only seeing my art but wearing it and seeing other people delight in them is... just indescribable!


Two VIDA scarves

Practice #5: Call It In

What's next? After writing my letter and offering it in the woods, I keep getting nudges towards more nature, more painting, more PLAY. So I'm playing with an animal collection of some sort and also a children's book project with animal characters. Super excited to see what unfolds!


I can't wait to read your reflections and see your sketches! If you haven't already, please start your projects!





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