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Winter Garden

3/12 garden goals:

fewer trips to the grocery store

feature winter produce, but harvest all seasons

be mindful of flood conditions when  planning

3/17 Envisioning Process

envisioning dark green, glossy leaves growing high, dappled with sunlight and many small white flowers...citrus plants perhaps

the association of evergreens and snow, green and white

considered octagon plan with square at center, square to support winter protection?

dreamed of beautiful glass and metal, traditionally-styled greenhouse

thought about grid arrangements on either side of path, where each is comprised of four,  raised beds, square with walking paths between. Each bed has an elevated quarter, at the corner where the four squares meet, perhaps a tree or standard form wisteria at center


The area I've identified for the garden is intentionally very close to the house. If I do realize a winter harvest, I won't have too far to go in the cold. The area is currently covered in asphalt and I don't know how soon I can change that. So, I have been considering starting with containers, but have been daunted by their weight and expense. And bang!  Just as Stacey said, answers will come - here's today's article in the New York Times, about  gardening in hay bales! This technique could be my temporary solution! My house is in an area with lots of farming, so hay bales should be easy to get.

Privacy in the garden is a big concern for me. I want to be able to work in the garden without feeling I might have an audience. With a parking lot next door and neighboring houses overlooking my yard, I will need to screen the garden to make it private. In the current plan, I am showing tall hedges on two sides (south and east). It is likely that this is exactly where I won't want shadows. I am anxious to do the sun studies to see if another part of the yard would make more sense. If anyone has ideas on how to get privacy without cutting off sun, please share.


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