Jody Linn

Artist, conservator, cake provider, insomniac.



Winter Dreaming

I grew up way up North in Canada and watching the aurora borealis on the coldest clear nights was one of my favourite things to do. My mother told me that if I whistled really loudly at the sky, they would dance and shimmer. Also, I love matryoshka, this was so much fun to play with! I kept the sketch very simple, wanted to leave a lot of room to play with the wet on dry technique on the body.


Mapped out the colour areas using the wet on dry


Used wet on wet to do the Northern lights and that was as anxiety inducing as always! So unpredictable and so easy to overwork it into mud but I think it worked.


Added a lot of the finer details in the lines and using thinned white acrylic paint to add the stars to the sky.


I enjoyed this! Thank you for showing your techniques!



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