Winter Chill

Winter Chill - student project

What a great class full of useful tips and tricks. I normally use a bit of gouache in my work but have always just layered it on pretty thick, so this technique really introduced me to a new way of using gouache. I think my biggest takeaway from the class was the layering technique and the color test. I don't do nearly enough color tests as I should, which is silly because it would allow my work to come out more to my liking if I did. I will definitely keep trying this technique in more work, especially because I didn't allow the gouache to fully dry before using it and I'd like to see if there would be a difference if I did. 

Winter Chill - image 1 - student project

I started with a quick and relatively light sketch, which i then transferred onto watercolor paper using a window. I quite like seeing the undersketch in my finished work so I didn't erase my darker lines with a kneaded eraser. 

Winter Chill - image 2 - student project

I didn't take any photos during the layering process because it was late in the afternoon, but I really loved that technique. I was surprised at how clean my lines were between shapes, and how more unified the colors felt because they all had the same base color. 

Winter Chill - image 3 - student project

Winter Chill - image 4 - student project

This is what my final piece looks like. Thanks for a great class Vanessa!