Claude C

Acrylics and watercolor artist



Winter Cabin

I am a bit more advanced student, but I chose a beginner class today to give myself a break, and because I liked the simple landscape. And - I wanted to try the salt technique. I ended up spending well over an hour on the painting, in 2 settings.

First, I too would have liked to have the colors identified in the supply list and the video. I had to guess, though I would rather have clear steps with exactly what to do, to inclue paint colors/names/mixes, paper, brushes.

Then it took forever for the sky to dry, probably because there was salt on the wet paint. Once dry, it gave no 'snow' effect whatsoever. I ended up painting snow falling and splashed white paint to give a bit of a windy/stormy effect. Not the one we were going for initially. And I still have not been successful with using salt in paint!



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