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Caitlin Hansen




Winter Berries

I'm trying to get this in under the wire! :D

I've been working on this project for some time but recently changed my approach. Generally I'm more comfortable in photoshop and I was working with more natural and textured ink drawings, but I decided to really focus on the pattern building process in illustrator and started building these more abstract geometric shapes. For my original pattern I had started drawing the little bits and pieces that you find on the beach at the Oregon coast. Somehow I fell into a wormhole of looking at images of microscopic views of plankton and diatoms, and I think this pattern ended up reflecting both points of reference.  

Here are some Initial sketches...

Then the outlines...

Then color!

Then I started picking out the elements that actually worked together and ditching those that didn't...

Next was the final repeat pattern!

And some complementary patterns...

This one ended up looking like ice cream cones but that's ok...

I feel like I could do this all day long but I'll stop there for now. 

Finally, some mock-ups:

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for a wonderful and inspiring class! I've been wanting to learn how to make patterns for ages and your class is what finally got me to do it! I can't wait to make millions more of them.


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