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Wingspan Supply

Style changes with time. Style changes with culture. Style changes with location. 

Name - Joel Berryman

Location - Philadelphia, PA 

Brand - Wingspan Supply

Slogan - Achieve a broader wingspan

Wingspan Supply - expanding your limits further.

Mission Statement

Expanding what you are capable of. Spreading your wings out wide is often referred to as your wingspan - I'm looking to go further than that. Wingspan Supply is not only a clothing brand, but something you can wear while accomplishing your very highest goals. Motivate yourself, and achieve a wider wingspan.

The story behind Wingspan Supply

What I am creating with Wingspan Supply is the possibility of people everywhere being part of something which can be striking and recognizable in any part of the world, whether it be Paris, London, or New York.

I wanted to create a brand which people could aspire to - look up to. First idea that came to mind was "Elevate Clothing". I was stuck on this idea for a while because of the meaning of elevate; to lift into a higher position. I had a logo and all that designed, but I eventually ended up trashing the name and logo.

However, I remained fixed on the idea of higher levels, and in turn higher goals and limits. The original thought of Wingspan came to my mind when I thought back to my childhood trying to tell my parents how much I love them (yeah, sounds pretty cheesy I know) and I would extend my arms and say "This much!". Was it possible to physically go further than that? Not without ripping your arms off. The only way to do it was to believe you were extending those limits further. I decided to use design in clothing to help do exactly that. 

After having grown up in New Zealand, and spending 5 years of my teenage life in Berlin, Germany, I became more and more accustomed to graphic designs in clothing, and statement pieces which go against what is seen an conventional. Now, I've moved to Philadelphia, PA to study Graphic Design at Drexel University. Here I have come to notice that not many people like myself have had the great oportunities to travel the world and gain knowledge of fashion and style everywhere. Here was when I decided to make a change. 

In Europe, simplicity seemed to be key. I know this first-hand as I quickly adapted to the European style.

Graphic designs on simple T-shirts and crewnecks. Classic pictures. Women. Bold statements and phrases. Plays on words. This is what i have decided to base my designs on. I feel simple aspects like these will always be relevant in streetwear.

As for the logo, I wanted to incorporate a bird-like figure into it. Birds have always been fascinating to me. They just cruise around in the sky, doing whatever they want, without remotely worrying about anything. Not enough people do this nowadays - there's always a strict routine to be followed, almost as if they are trapped within boundaries. Birds have none at all, so their metaphorical wingspan by far expands past their actual wingspan, and with the right attitude, we can do the same.

First Designs

Don't get too complicated. My very first design simply says Wingspan Supply along with the logo on the front and back to be recognized along with the name.

These are the types of T-shirts I would see everywhere in Europe, and have had a huge influence on Wingspan Supply. A graphic print along with a phrase related to it. The phrase "All the animals come out at night" has a hidden meaning of people having two sides to themselves - good and evil.

This design is purely focused on censorship. After wearing a graphic shirt of my own to class one day featuring a naked Kate Moss, students and teachers were outraged. This is for them.

Target Market

Anyone who feels like they not only want, but need to achieve a certain set of standards, leaving nothing in their way. Anyone who feels they aren't part of the norm, and belong to a lifestyle set aside from an inferior one.


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