Wingless African Gryphons - Joshua Dunlop

Hey guys, 

Trying out the techniques I learnt in the lessons.

I decided to go for something new and looked at africa for my inspiration.

I love mythical creatures so I went for a gryphon, but with no wings.

I went for Cheetahs and Secretary birds, two fast, land based predators instead of the traditional eagle and lion.

I would love some feedback on the sketches themselves. What pose, patterns etc look best. For now the important thing is the feathers and body type as Ill be looking at colour schemes in the next picture.




Hey guys!

Just got round to doing this. Its looking good but I'd love your input on the colours, what to combine etc.

I pushed the colours as far as I could go (i.e. bottom left) just to see a real contrast. 

Can't wait to hear what you suggest! 

Here they are close up -



Combining the best of my designs I have come up with THIS! 

However, IF you all feel I should go in another direction with the pattern or colour, let me know and Ill do another ;D


Heres my pose study, I like the middle one :)


Kinda went against my pose study but still, REALLY need advice before I start colouring it.


I liked the main one anyway so I went ahead and did a shadow layer


FINALLY!!! Im done, but I still need feedback!

The space is cos Im thinking of adding some text.


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