Wine wine wine

Wine wine wine - student project

We decided to go rogue for this project so we went to our local wine shop and just picked three wines we've never tasted before:

  • Villa Locatelli, Friuli Wines, Carbernet Franc, 2013  (red)
  • Ferrandiere, Viognier, 2015  (white)
  • Stoka, Teran Peneče, 2014  (sparkling)

Tasting notes:


visual - garnet colour, fine bubbles

smell - black fruits, rubbing alcohol

taste - lightly acidic and effervescent, did not taste anything in the mid palate, definitely taste the berries from the nose, and high minerality, almost ash or charcoal taste


visual - pale gold in color

smell - perfumy, fresh, almost grassy

taste - long finish, very spicy in the middle, not too acidic


visual - inky purple

smell - oaky and spicy

taste - not too full of a body, definitely got that bitter taste so relatively dry, cherry or strawberry notes, spicy with long almost chalky finish

Thanks for this class Gary! I really enjoyed learning the basics and vocabulary and look forward to using my new knowledge to discover new wines and develop my palate!