Jeff Wilkerson




Wine Tasting App


  • To become the one app that streamlines the process of planning a wine tasting trip
  • Share your favorite labels with your friends
  • Explore new areas and varietals

Based on my experiences of living in Northern California, planning a wine tasting trip with friends can be a little crazy.  Everyone has different tastes, budgets and wineries they want to try so trying to accommodate everyone and their wishes can be trying.  What I want my wine tasting app (still working on a name) is to revolutionize the wine tasting experience by making it less about the planning and more about the fun.  To my knowledge (after research) there isn't a single resource that houses all the wineries across the globe (Napa CA, Sonoma CA, Walla Walla WA, Oregon Coast, South Africa, Argentina.... list goes on and on).  While is is a lofty goal, I plan on using a mapping API to visually create THE resource for wine tasting trips.  

How am I going to do that?  The web app I have in mind will be able to do the following  (some features will also be made available on a mobile app as well):

  • Map out routes to find most efficient route between wineries  This will include and easy send feature to members and non members with a full itinerary (automatic branding).  Saved routes will also be possible for future planning.  A budgeting feature of a “per person” cost
  • Kayak “Explore” or Zillow type interface with prices and filters
  • MyCorkboard - Pinterest API (pin routes, pictures, venues....whatever the hell you want to share with privately or publicly)
  • Tasting Room Review (Environment, Prices, Types of wine, etc)
  • Brand Pages (Winery specific details, Tasting Room reviews, Order wine?, Facebook/Instagram Integration)
  • Travel Deals (Hotels, Flights, Limos, Party Buses)
  • Label database (Personal reviews, Searchable, Suggested pairing recipes, User created)
  • User Profiles (Favorite Types of wines, Favorite Brands, Zip based location suggestions)
  • Local calendars of events
  • eCommerce Wine store
  • Wine Classes and trivia games (Where scores/points for discounts at store)


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