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Windy the Doll

Hi all, Hi Sarah! (I'm very big fan of your comics!)

I dreamed of making comics by myself and when I watched this lesson, I understand, that the time is now! :))

I started with finding how my character would look like. I made some sketches and all they were represent someone like a child. I wanted make it simple and funny, like Sarah's character, but not like a child. 

Here my attempts:

I wanted to draw something little dark, dark eyes and skeleton t-shirt, to represent something that I addicted to. But then I try dots. I have a dress with those dots and I tried to draw it. Then I wanted my character be more like real me, I'm not a child (except that in my soul)). I take my photos and try to draw a beautiful character from it. I decided to draw it beautiful and phlegmatic and fashion)) I can draw myself as beatiful as i want!!! AHAHAHA)))))

So here my first attempt to draw those character, that I use now:

Here my real photos in this dress:

And then I get an idea to make my character a doll. I looked at IKEA mannequin that I get

Here he is:

It's a little bit private photo of him, haha)

And I draw doll body to my character:

So she was ready, my Windy the Doll. She is not so funny and not emotional, so I guess my comics not so very funny. But maybe sometime I make new character. But now, you know, when you make character that you like, you become addicted to him, you love him and close eyes for his imperfections))

So here my first page with her in my sketchbook:

I think she is very calm, like me, and she look phlegmatic. But not always))

Then I make my drawing digital, I get this photo and draw over in photoshop using tablet (bamboo one). It takes a long time for me because I wanted to make colorfull and beautifull drawing. I think it's my second mistake, I should make more simple character and I should make simple drawings. But I love my illustrations despite it takes me a lot of time time after time to draw new page.

Here a colorfull version of this page:

I choose such cute colors and cute style. I wanted it to be beatiful)

And for my drawings I got much inspiration from Christine Fleming classes (for example this one:

So I draw now more pages, I show you sketches then drawings:

Spring time errors. Look not only for temperature but also the wind speed.

And I’m really happy to not hear what are you trying to say, AHAHAHAHAHA

My husband is poor thing, his wife fights with dust bunnies only in her drawings! T_T

for following one I forgot to make sketch picture, hope you dont miss it much))

I were a greatest fan of Isaac Asimov when I was a child. So I’m sure, home robots will be ready, when I become old, HAHA.

I work as a freelancer and nobody knows what actually going on when I do my work.

So as you see I vas envolved in making comics with enthusiasm!

And I also made thumblr for it (but noone read it T__T). Here the link, if you like my comics:

I will draw more! Actually I get some new pages on Russian, but I were lazy to translate it and dissapointed that actually no one read it on tumblr))

And guys, if you see some awful mistakes in my comics pages, please, let me know. I try my best to learn English, but I know that it is still poor).


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