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Windy logo

Hi all! This is the Part 2 of the 30-Day Logo Design Challenge and I hope you participate too!

For my project I choose my nick name "wind-wings". I wanted to make something vintage and started to draw sketches. Here my attempts:



And the final sketch that I brought in Illustrator to trace:


Then I go to illustrator and start to struggling. I think that on the paper letters looks pretty good, but when I traced it it was not so good... My first versions looked like this:


I don't wanted to use real font to get my basics, despite it's a really good advice. I just wanted to practice more in making letters, because I already took some more classes about lettering before.

I tried to make my letters better and better, time after time fixing some problems that I got. Here another one version:


I tried to see the balance between the letters and make my letters well balanced. I used my knowledge from this class by Martina Flor. 

Here the almost final version:


I spent a lot of time for making my letters better and better and better, and finally I decided to stop. I think I've got a great practice this time. And I like my logo for now. Not sure if I will use it, but maybe I will.

I made some color variations. I searched in google for vintage color palette and found some pretty vintage colors. I mixed them and made this list:


Also I decorated my logo in retro style. At first I wanted to make some wonderful complex border as you can see on my first sketch, but I'm so tired of making letters so I just stopped on something simple. Now I think that it's OK, looks minimalistic.

Here my favorites with some more grange decoration. I used brushes from class materials. I can't apply high-res brushed but low-res goes OK. I have a really old copy of Photoshop, it just CS (first CS). I use it since I were so young, haha)




And here some more traditional version without retro and grunge. On the background is my photo of a sea bay in my city.


That's all. I hope you like it, but if you have some critic to say I would be glad to hear any thoughts.


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