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Windy Emotions

Hi everyone and Shen!

This class is cool, i have a lot of fun and knew some useful things!

I already get Sarah class and tryed to make my own comics. I think that the one of my problems is emotions, and so that's why this class is useful for me.
I have my character that I made in Sarah class (here my project: and here her tumbler:, her name is Windy the Doll and she looks like this:


I want to make her more emotional.

Now I do my table with emotions from this class. I decided to start my project now only with this sketches because maybe I get some advices about it. I want make the second step too, but I'll do it later. And I need an idea, so I need time :))

Here my emotions list:


I erased much, especially the extremely column, but I'm very happy with result. For me it looks cool, because I have not much experience with drawing emotions. But I watch anime!!! (it's really helps to understand emotions))


Inspired by my sketches I redraw some of them jn transparent paper by jell ink pen and then take a photo and edit in photoshop. I want to draw all emotions in photoshop in style of whole my comics and make an emotions set. 




UPDATE 25.05.2015

Hi again! Finally I come up with my idea for the comic and made it. I has saved the cat and I think it's a good idea to make emotional comic about it. In real life it was easier, dogs don't decided to scare me instead of the kitty, but my husband says that anyway it was risky and thats why I decided draw final frame.

I see that eyes and mouth and eyebrows still walking around the face, sorry :)))


Is there a hero somewhere, someone who appears and saves the day
Someone who holds out a hand and turns back time
Is there a hero somewhere, someone who will never walk away
Who doesn't turn a blind eye to a crime

(Poets of the Fall's song "Locking Up the Sun ( Hero )")


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