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Windy Days


When I was a kid, I was so light that I was once blown off the ground by the wind. I don't remember much about the experience other than that it was a great exhilirating experience at the time.

I want to adapt this into a story about learning to let go and have fun! :D


One of my first memories of visiting my parents homeland, Hong Kong, was walking through the skyscrapers and looking up to see an icnredibly low flying aeroplane. it was an amazing sight, and I felt like I could touch it. As a child it was incredibly scary, but also a wondrous sight. 


On the train to a house viewing, my friend and I were on the Northern Line on the tube. It was busy, inour excitement, we didn't notice the whole train emptying at a stop. Afterwards, we thought it was cool we had the whole train to ourselves - until we realised that we were supposed to have gotten off.

When the train stopped in a tunnel, we went through many different emotions; excitement, fear, panic, relief, hysteria and just pure laughing. 


Winning Idea: IDEA 1

The reason I chose this idea is because I think this one has the most potential to develop in terms of character. It's a lot closer to my heart and the idea of using it as a metaphor to teach others to let go of things and have fun really excites me.



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