Windy City Nights

Hey Class,

        I wanted to start off by telling you guys a little about myself. I'm originally from Ohio but I moved to Chicago a year ago. I started to really get into photography about three months ago and still I have a lot to learn.  Everything I shoot is shot and edited on an iPhone 4s. I haven't had a chance to go out and shoot anything new due to the weather so I figured I would post some older shots. I hope to have some new photos by Thursday.

The first shot is of the Chicago river. I used the Slowshutter light trail at 15 with a little bit of editing in Snapseed. 

This next shot is of the Trump Tower. I used a different app called "Nightcap" and Snapseed to edit.

This is another shot of the Trump Tower from one of the "L" stations. I find the Trump Tower to be very difficult to shoot at night because It doesn't give off enough light. I used Nightcap to take the shot and I did some editing in Snapseed.

This is another shot of the Chicago river and the last time I used Nightcap. This was edited in Snapseed as well.

I wanted to post this last shot because I took it with the native camera. Its not the best shot in the world but I like it because I was able to get some great light from both buildings. 


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