Windows To The Soul

Most say the eyes are the windows to the soul, eyelids are the curtains, and such and such. So I've taken my favorite types of architectural windows, miniaturized them, and turned them into simple eyeglasses. Enjoy! (Sorry for such cliche ^-^)

Here's my small moodboard!

Some sketches. The top one is the one I've decided to mold and make. You might not be able to read the measurements

Frame: 48mm

Bridge: 17mm

Temple:140 mm (including curve)

Framing and embelishments made of metal plating. You probably can't see the colors I've writen either...

First sketch: Light blue tinted lenses, the curved embelishments (measuring 10mm) and framing in either gold or black metal.

Second: grey tinted lenses with black or white metal frames

Third: Dark blue tinted lenses with a black metal frame.

Aaaaand here is the ending result. Unfortunately, I blindly bought the clay that NEVER HARDENS ( -____- clutz). Therefore it just sits on paper, but I've done what I could.


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