Window - student project


This is my first attempt and probably it won't be the last because I have a lot of fun watching the great class created by Olga Bonitas and also doing this project, specially painting the bricks. It was a meditation moment!

I created my own sketch while watching the classes but, the mine have lot of mistakes and I didn't realise that before painting.

Window - image 1 - student project

Window - image 2 - student project

Some images of my final piece. I'll probably use this to decorate my toodler's bedroom :-)

Window - image 3 - student project

Window - image 4 - student project

Window - image 5 - student project

Olga, thank you very much for this class! You're a great artist and I'm now a fan of your artwork and your classes. I'd love to learn more with you! Please, post another classes! I'll watch all of them. I love watercolors!

Cheers from Brazil!

Ve Le Sage