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Window Lighting

I've been a little distracted lately as my wife and I had our first born this week.  Anyhow, this project allowed for some creative direction when taking newborn mementos.

This first shot is actually the last one I took.
I brought back the exposure almost a 1/2 stop and toned down the highlights to prevent white clipping.  I toned down the saturation and cooled off the temp as the skin tones were a little orange, and other than that everything is basically straight OOC.

The shot was vertical but I thought it worked best as a landscape and cropped to 8:10 for maybe future printing.  There were a few distractions and fly-away hairs that I cleaned up in GIMP.

This is mother and baby, exposed for forground with a high-key backlit window.

Nikon D600 Nikkor 50mm
f 1.4 ISO 100 1/25

(I should have bumped up my ISO to 800 or higher and stopped down to get a little crisper on the focus, but I was still running and gunning from some flash shots I had taken a minute ago.)


This next one I worked and worked to get.
I wanted to try to hit a silouette with my brother while keeping as much of the detail on baby as I could.

I finally found the angle to the window and him holding baby that worked.

I brought back the exposure 2/3 stop with masking to highlight baby, warmed up the color, and brought down the white clipping.

I thine touched up some glow on my brother's cheek that was hair catching some windown light between his silhouette and camera.  It just looked funny.

Nikon D600 Nikkor 50mm
f 3.5 iso 2500 1/400

(Probably could have brought ISO down some and slowed shutter speed because I'm not into grain, but whatever)


So if you would like to C&C that would be great.
Thank you for viewing/reading.


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