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Wind-up Bird Chronicle

Okay here is a print cover of a book from a favorite author of mine, Haruki Murakami. This book is called "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" a japanese literature and a book I enjoyed reading. I really loved this cover and thought it'll be really cool to try and recreate it. I have never used or have any experience with Illustrator and I would like a little challenge to help me learn as much as I can.

Update: 7/7/13 : 

Hey guys :) I've finally got the chance to post my progress on my project. As much as I would like to work on this everyday, I end up caught up with work and other stuff but I am trying! It's taken me longer to get to this point. I have most of the shapes down, the bird tail though needs some work as you can see. Also I am having some trouble figuring out how to get those eyes shapes just right. So far I only have the pupils of the cat's eyes down. Maybe someone has some tips?  either way, I am trying to figure it out how to get it just right. Other than that, I am having fun learning Illustrator finally. It's something I've always wanted to learn and I am thankful I found this class. Another thing, the colors are still not quite the same as the original. I will worry about that as soon as I get all the shapes correctly. :)

Looking forward to feedback from anyone! would be greatly appreciated.



Update 7/13/13:

Well the image above is what I have so far! I think there's a huge change of good progress from this one to my last update! I am pretty proud of what I have accomplished so far with this project being very new to Illustrator. I was able to fix several shapes such as the bird tail and that shadow in the water under the bird. Also worked on putting in the right colors of the poster in and started over with the eyes that I am satisfied with now.

Now I am ready to move on to textures, lines and lettering! I am a little worried on getting the textures/lines right for the green grass around the cat's eyes. Hopefully i'll figure it out and things turn out well. Also thank you for the feedback to those who have commented :)

Good luck to everyone else!


Update SEPT 2, 2013:

above you can see i have been working on the typgraphy! i been working slow on this but im pretty proud how far i've gotten :)


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