Wind Chimes (and burnt sausage)

Wind Chimes (and burnt sausage) - student project

WOW!!! This was really fun.

Here are the answers to Part A:

  1. Do you prefer outdoors or indoors? Outdoors
  2. What is your favorite hobby that your friends know that you like to do? Take pictures
  3. What is your favorite color? Earth Tones
  4. What is your favorite physical attribute of yourself? (your hair, your abs, your perfect eye brows, an interesting looking mustache, you name it). My smile :)

So, it's a lazy Sunday for me but I wanted to try and do the project for this class today. I live in NorthEast Florida and this time of year there aren't too many breezes. I have a set of wind chimes on the patio that rarely chime but TODAY a brief breeze came along and I captured my cinemagraph.

Wind Chimes (and burnt sausage) - image 1 - student project

I was able to isolate just the chime pretty good (I think)!

About the burnt sausage....

Well, while out on the patio, I forgot I had the pan of sausage links on the stove...LOL. So, of course, I made a cinemagraph out of that too...hahahahaha.

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