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Win the Day

This is my first attempt at any kind of photography project. Armed with my camera, which I'm yet to really learn how to use, I went to a boxing gym in the Bronx, New York to tell the story of two of New York's professional boxers.

It's a cold Saturday in March and Shawn Cameron and Eddie Gomez have arranged to spar each other in order to sharpen their skills for their upcoming bouts. The boxers have known each other for their whole professional careers, having fought each other in New York's amateur boxers' Golden Gloves tournament back in 2010.

I was trying to capture the feel of the gym and the spirit of the training. Although the sport of boxing is adversarial in nature, the people involved in the sport are often anything but.

I would love to get any feedback from 'real' photographers about how to improve my photos, so if you have any thoughts please leave a comment! Thank you


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