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Carlos Gonzalez




Wilting Flower Time Lapse

Wilting Flower Time Lapse (Initial Plan)

  • Goal: 2 minutes Time Lapse
  • 24 fps
  • 2.880 pictures
  • Interval 180 seconds
  • Complete Days: 6

I am suppossed to reflect the damaging effect of the sun on the leaves of an interior flower such as an orchide. Because of that I need to shoot Outside with natural sun light, could not do this in a studio.

I am going to face several problems in the shooting, that I am not sure how to cope with yet:

  1. It may take several days to see the flower damaged, therefore I will have day and night
  2. It may rain, be cloudy, sunny, weather is unpredictable, and I need sun
  3. I may need to have artificial led lighting in the night
  4. I may face some flickering because of the changes in exposure

Possible strategies to minimize these problems coud be:

  1. Shoot only during the day light with Manual Mode and splits the days with fade out in pospo.
  2. Shoot 24 hours with artificial lighting in the night with Aperture Priority and F8 and ISO 400
  3. Use a croma behind the flower so that I can place a premade time lapse of clouds moving behind
  4. Use soft artificial lighting to cover the exposure in the night

All in all, still a lot of doubts on how to shoot this, any suggestions are appreciated!


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