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Wilson Career Coaching - Your Career on Your Terms

I'm bothered.

I'm bothered by the notion that people know more about what's going on in the lives of professional athletes or celebrities or business gurus than their own.

I'm bothered that others struggle with such important questions as:

How do my values come to play in my work?
What am I doing that takes my breath away?
What would be missed about me if I left?
How are my unique strengths being leveraged?
What system do I have in place to monitor my career growth, given where I want to go?
What are the assumptions I am making that are keeping me from a career I truly want?

I cannot accept this. You are too brilliant, too inspiring, and too valuable to not do the inner and outer work necessary to create a career of empowered choice.

Wilson Career Coaching works with those individuals who clamor for more in their careers and their lives, ones who are willing to get off the bench, choose themselves, and go out to make a difference in their worlds. 


This business is specifically for those who are feeling stuck in their career in whatever way they are experiencing it, from not feeling that they are operating from a position of choice to those who - by all accounts - are wildly successful but feel they are missing something...or are missing out on something that is keepng them from the feeling of fulfilment and/or achievement that they uniquely desire. This is my customer, and what they get from doing business with me is increased clarity, focus, alignment with what is important to them, and - subsequently - a manifestation of courage to propel them into the future that they desire.

I want to reach them and help them using my digital assets (website, blog, social media), experienced-based assets (my education, professional coach training, continuous professional development), and self-efficacy assets (grit, gumption, initiative, hubris, longing to help others help themselves).

As the only people-resource needed is myself, I go with my client on a journey within themselves: what do they value, what do they believe, what do they assume, what barriers have they created for themselves, what are their strengths, what do they truly want and what would it be like for them to have it? By doing the hard work, the answers bubble up to the surface: unknown fears are exposed, self-imposed beliefs are irradicated, inner-strength is formed, and a career based upon choice and personal leadership is manifested. 

The hard part, for me, is how to make this unique, as coaches are a dime a dozen and I don't want to just be "another coach." Where I am struggling is how to make it unique; I would love suggestions/thoughts on this (particularly if you fit the description of my ideal client!) My gut tells me that the best way for me to be unique is to get so good at my niche - so unbelievably good - that I can't be ignored and others will seek me out.

I am going to repeat this through a practice of personal learning/growth, becoming more knowledgable of the position/fears/joys/lifestyle/wants/hopes/needs/dreams/etc. of my customer, and authentic generosity giving to them.

If you are reading this and it resonates with you, email me at travis (at) wilsoncareercoaching.com. I would be honored for the opportunity to interview you and learn more about how I can help people like you.


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