Victoria Kent

Professor of Business and Mathematics



Wilmington, DE or Simferopol', Crimea

Not quite sure.  

Wilmington went through things like "The Place to be Somebody" to now "In the Middle of it All". It's cleaver, but not exactly a place you want to be "IN"... I was going to look at maybe arrows to depict metropolis places like DC, NYC, Balt, Philly, converging on a W which then writes out in vibrant typography "Wilmington" and I was considering a tag of "The Heart/Soul of Northeast". Or just resort to cleaver and do things like "Off-Shore Here" :0)

Simferopol' is historic. "A city of usefulness". It needs an image makeover too. It is the transportation hub of the region one of the most affluent places in the region (as in more millionaires per capita) and then people stay in the city or head to the beaches like Yalta. No tag as of yet, besides something cute like: "Zurich of the Black Sea"  :0)

Simferopol' is actually written Симферополь in Russian. Maybe sit the bee on the "C" looking letter or make a vertical bee instead of the f letter that looks like an op? The tower is a typical symbol but I really liked the integrity of the city and the morals and values and the heart of it. I also loved the canals that run the whole length. You can follow the canals from the dam to the farms where the river was finally allowed to run free by the apple and pear orchards. Maybe a logo with the name reflecting in the canal waters or incorporated as ironworks on the railings on the bridge?


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