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Will McLellarn

Stanford Grad, Entrepreneur, Sports Fanatic



Will's Journey to Daily Workouts

My habit personality types are primarily Upholder and Rebel, with a score of 6 and 5 respectively. This sounds like the right combination to me.

I signed up for this class because I read the power of habit and I'm slowly realizing that while I've been very good in fits and starts, my overall healthy habits are not what I thought they are.  Outside of high school, when I was a wrestler, my physical shape has never been what I wanted it to be. I want to build sustainable, healthy eating and exercise habits that will help me achieve an elite physique.

My most consistent good habit is ... applying myself in my career goals. Unlike my fitness goals, these don't waver in fervor, I don't lose sight of them and I never take a 'day off' so to speak.


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