Willing to Grow

Willing to Grow - student project

Willing to Grow - image 1 - student projectWilling to Grow - image 2 - student projectWilling to Grow - image 3 - student projectMy aim in this Skillshare Course is to Willing to Grow - image 4 - student projectWilling to Grow - image 5 - student projectcreate the label design to be printed on the back of the poem we have commisioned.  The label design on the back of t poems will be attached to beautiful old keys and sent to the community gardens involved in Willing to Grow. Out of this course I will then be able to transfer the illustrated label's title design to the website's title design- a neat off shoot. I also just dig learning new skills so this course is ace.

Willing to Grow is a personal project being created with a community garden to share with five other community gardens around the world (two in Australia, one in London and there is one in Athens we are hoping to come o board). It is a project that builds on the "sister cities" idea so we can have connections to a few other gardens around the world and celebrate success big and small.

The community garden we work in is a cooperative community that utilizes gardening as an educational tool for elementary school children and, in a larger sense, the community. The garden serves as a communal gathering place where ideas and values can be shared, facilitating many interesting, wacky and fun conversations. These exchanges inform the many activities we organize that contribute to our sense of togetherness and inclusivity.

I’m in the process of creating the website that extends this sense of community that we find and nurture within our garden. It’s a sweet, simple and personal online space for the five gardens in which we can further promote and engage in co-operation and celebrate all our successes together. It’s called Willing to Grow and in essence that’s the one condition we will ask of the involved gardens: that they are willing to grow.

Each joining member will be invited to create a project (woodfire oven is ours!) and keep us updated on their progress by contributing videos, photos and other creative postings that explore their process. We will post these pieces as “Projects in Practice” pages within this web space.

Hope that makes sense,