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Willful Wandering

Creative Brief: 

BACKGROUND: Travel dreamer. Seeker of novelty. Incurable creative maker. Lover of all things found, graphic,  and/or beautiful. Ameteur photographer. Mom on a budget. Willful Wandering is the intentional act of getting my family [all seven of us] out, wandering the world. I am starting the site with the hope that we will inspire others to do the same. 

OBJECTIVE: To make sense of the loads of random ideas and information tumbling around in my head, and narrow it down into a clear, concise identity that people with be able to relate to, count on, and look forward to interacting with. To meld the ideas of soft, slightly out of focus, dreaming with solid, tangible goals and adventures. 

TARGET: Other parents. Other travelers. Other dreamers. If I were to choose one: moms of young children. 

MESSAGE: You can do it.  Begin where you are. The world is beautiful. 

COMPETITION: Delicious Baby, The Q Family Adventures, Y Travel Blog, and loads of other family travel sites out there. 

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: I love exploring, but I also love photography, and art of all kinds. I want the visual arts to play a large role.  Hopefully the artistic aspect will add strength and interest to the overall brand image & purpose rather than be a distraction. 

CREATIVE CONSIDERATIONS: I don't want to lose the sense of wonder and dreaminess in the straightforwardness of travel directives...Go for a nice blend there. Try logo in a container or as a stamp. Don't forget the kids. Keep it fun & playful.


  • Friendly
  • Real/Straightforward
  • Excited
  • Light hearted
  • Artistic 
  • Casual
  • Curious/Eclectic
  • Dreamy
  • Content




Here are some paletts I came up with taking samples from the mood board.

Some of them are pretty cool, though I think I still prefer the original palette I had from creating my logo. I did try mixing some of these colors into the original palette and logo. What do you think?



This choosing coordinating fonts business is killing me... 

So basically what I'm thinking is that my logo is what it is. I've pitted it against other ideas and so far it's still winning. I think it's going to win. With that said, I cannot find a complimentary font that doesn't feel too... hmm... shabby, cheesy, lame... which, in turn, makes me question the whole logo. I'm stuck on a repeat loop.

Mostly I like to keep things clean unless it's art. Then I like some intentional mess. Preferably hand drawn typography. The fonts immediately below the logo represent that bit. The fonts below the color scheme would be the body text and heading for blog posts and articles. 

Any feedback appreciated. Please and thanks!


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