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Stephen Doerk

Prepare for the worst in order to be your best!



Will I be joining any Skillshare Facebook groups?

Interesting class, and hopefully helpful.  Why hopefully?  Simply because my class is in more of a niche market than a lot of the other classes which, while it is in a more select few classes on the subject of Emergency Preparedness, many of these online course sites do not cater in that direction as much as they do in the area of writing, art, crafts, marketing, etc...  

But, back to the question/project at hand.  Will I be joining/using any of the listed Skillshare Facebook groups?  But of course!  I would be a fool not to jump full force into the market and determine what works and what does not.  Marketing and putting myself out there has never been one of my strong suits so any support or training like this can do nothing less than help!

Honestly, it is an area I need to really retrain myself to work in and become a little less skeptical.  I have worked in retail in the past and remember, vividly, trying to upsell discount cards, warranty plans, etc, etc.. and if I wouldn't buy them most of the time how can I justify selling them.  Well that mindset is coming through my marketing mind and making it difficult to just jump out there.  The fact that these groups exist and are willing to assist is of great comfort while I start to build a following that, hopefully, will allow me to do less marketing and more instruction as a whole...

We will see the outcome!  Thanks Franki...


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