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Going freelance has been great for me in terms of working my own hours and taking time for walks, experimenting with ideas, etc. The down side is that I'm not good at asking for payments, and even quoting a job has me feeling very anxious. This course has definitely helped with that.

Here are the answers to my worksheet questions:

1. My Creative Price List Worksheet1. In my creative skill, I consider myself at the level of a:
- Professional

2. Do I produce the same QUALITY of work as my peers?If yes, what do they charge? If no, what can I do to improve my skill?
- YES, but I don't know what they charge. I've also been quoting projects on the project whole based on the number of hours I estimate it would take. I'd like to move away from that ask discussed in the videos.

3. The following is a list of my most requested freelance art and design tasks. My current prices are..
a) Graphic Design
b) Business card design
c) Brochures / flyers / promotional print material
d) Logo design
e) Web design & coding


I'm basing my pricing on the comment left by Gaurakisora Tucker in the Community Tab.

A. How many billed creative hours can I realistically average each day?
I'm saying a conservative 6, although I often work upwards of 10. I'd like to shave that down to a more realistic number and stick to it.

B. What is my total living expense?
After rent, internet, phone and hydro, plus overhead for equipment etc., I'd say about $2500

C. How much profit do I need to make?
Ideally $1000

B + C ($3500 per month) divided by 20 work days per month = you need to make $175 / day.
I actually work 7 days a week, but for the sake of sanity I said 5 actual work days.
$175 /  6 hours = $29.17

Knowing this, I can base my pricing on the ideal hourly wage multiplied by the number of hours I estimate the project would take. Larger projects would need to be broken down into sub-components to have a better idea of time frame.


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