Wildlife photography

Wildlife photography - student project

I was a bit scared to begin this class because I like to recreate a watercolor style in my digital illustrations, and was unsure about whether it would fit the spot illustrations or not. I gave it a shot anyway !

here is my theme and listsWildlife photography - image 1 - student project

And then my sketches Wildlife photography - image 2 - student project 

Wildlife photography - image 3 - student project
The first sketches are way too polished !

Then the thumbnail phase, which I hate. I got really stuck on whether or not adding a tripod to my camera. I would have liked, in the class videos, some hints about how to represent an object that is essential to the set but with a shape that isn’t self-contained or that has to be seen in perspective in order to understand it.

Wildlife photography - image 4 - student projectWildlife photography - image 5 - student project

And then, the fun part ! For my palette I knew I needed to have some greens, obviously ! The really bright orange came as a (kind of) complementary (and forced me to draw a fox).

I added white lines that were not initially part of my plan, but in the end my illustrations were unreadable without them. The splatters were a delight.

I think that they are ok, even at a small size I can tell what’s going on. My concepts are maybe not that clear, it’s hard to say. Anyway I’m happy that I went through with this class, even though editorial illustrations are not really my strong suit ! :)

Wildlife photography - image 6 - student project