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Wildlife Day Challenge - BC's Legally Protected Species

Coming up with a concept:

  • I live in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC) and wanted to illustrate an issue relating to local habitat and nature.
  • I wanted to draw animals.
  • I kew I wanted to complete a final piece with both handdrawn and digitally done aspects.
  • Researching on the internet about concersation in BC I found out how small of a precentage of wildlife at risk are legally protected (4 animals in total).
  • I decided that highlighting how miniscule the precentage is would be a great way to shed light on the issue.

The facts:

Sketching to learn:

  • I drew the 4 animals that will be highlighted as the only animals legally protected in my sketchbook over and over.
  • With every repeated drawing, I tried to essentialize the animals so that their most prominent and unique characteristics are seen.
  • I thought making the animals very cute will not help emphasize the issue, I only emphasized their animal characteristics, as opposed to their humane characteristics.
  • I tried to drop the characteristics that these animals share with other similar animals so they are not confused.

Refining the drawings:

  • The fact was going to be split up between the top and bottom of the page with the drawing in between.
  • I worked on thumbnails to create a composition that will allow the viewer's eyes to travel from the top to the bottom.

  • I chose the drawings and gestures of the animals I liked the most and sketched them on the final smooth bristol with my non-photo blue prismacolor pencil.
  • The most attractive animals (most human like) were put in the bottom and top near the facts/numbers so to catch the eye and lead it through the page.

  • I drew over the pencil marks with india ink and a nib
  • I scanned the drawing into the computer

  • To create the background I drew silhouettes of animals, plants and fungi to make up the province of BC. I then copied and pasted them to fill up the whole province.
  • I wanted to highlight the small amount that these 4 animals are part of so highlighted the animal silhouettes.
  • I took into account the part about odd numbered objects being more attractive so added a 5th circle on the main fact "0.26%"

My Final Piece submitted 2 minutes before midnight. Phew! Thank you for the help and the critique everyone!!


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