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Project Plan

This is a blog site for Officers Bearers to use for everyday communication and resolving of current or past issues.

TVWC is a native wildlife rescue and care group for Northern NSW. There are about  3000 calls made to the group's hotline each year. A member's blog is proposed to improve the communication between members and to provide a place to upload photos and initiate discussion related to animals in care, from their rescue, their time in care, to their release back into the wild.

I would like the blog to contain a calendar of current and future events related to the group, which users can update as needed.  It will also have posts and comments for dicussing issues  including animals in care, current rescues and other group related issues such as meetings and fundraisers.

We already have an online records data base which is used to record all the hotline calls, details of rescues and animals in care. The new blog will be an additional place foffice bearers to discuss issues. The blog needs to be private (no public access) requiring each member to log in with a secure password and username.. It needs to be simple enough for people without extensive computer skills to use. It will also need links to the group website and the group's FaceBook page.

Propose to use Devise for users and simple_form for signup, password recovery and validation. As I become more familiar with rails I will know what other componants will be required.

This is the current website for the group www.tvwc.org.au. It is a CMS site with limited access for the group's webmaster and may be replaced sometime in the future with a site that is fully editable. The blog will probably be placed on a new domain or a sub-domain, which can later be used  for an updated public website as well.

I have also created an omrails ap for practice following the class videos.

omrails gibhub: 


Heroku for omrails:



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