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Inspiration & Moodboard

To gather inspiration, I decided to take my dog for a walk around the lake near our house. There's a fragrance garden along the walking path, where I was hoping to find some nice flowers to photograph. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans and our walk was cut short by an angry thunderstorm rolling in. As I ran back home trying to beat the rain, I managed to stop and get a few pictures of plants with interesting leaves. I'm not very skilled at drawing, so the simplicity of the leaf shapes was appealing.  


Sketches & Motifs

I made some pencil and paper sketches from the top row of photos and traced the others in Illustrator (using the blob brush, not Live Trace.) I was excited to move on to digitizing, so I just took an iPhone photo of my sketchbook rather than retracing in pen and scanning. Not very high contrast, but it did the job.


Here are my final motifs:


Color Palette

I created my color palette from another photo I took at the lake. I love the tranquility of the muted colors. 



This is my first attempt: 


It seemed a little disjointed, and maybe a little too busy for my taste. I tried to create "bouquets" like Bonnie did to help harmonize the various elements, but I didn't feel like my motifs fit together very well. Many of the leaves are already in groups, and it looked odd to try to fit the different leaf shapes together. So instead, I simplified things by only using some of the motifs and I worked on overlapping them to create a more unified pattern. I think the result is much more fluid and cohesive. 


 A few different colorways:






I love how changing the colors makes such a difference. I can't even decide which one is my favorite.

I really enjoyed this class. I've used Illustrator a lot, but I definitely learned some new tricks and got much more comfotable with my Wacom tablet. I'm excited to move on to the next class in the series!


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