Wildflowers - student project

Hi everyone, I finally got around to sharing my Ink & Colors Wildflowers class project! 
In this class we draw in variety of techniques on the iPad. Starting with the rendering of the dandelions sketch, I played with coloring the plants leaves using masks.

Wildflowers - image 1 - student projectHere’s another color option over a darker background. Basically the ink lines are the same, but on the dark background their color seems lighter than in the above image, and that goes to show how colors work relatively to one another.

Wildflowers - image 2 - student project

As we progress in class we draw big expressive flowers, the Pink Evening Primrose, and create a layered composition using them as the focal point. I explored a few color variations and compositions.

In warm colors palette:
Wildflowers - image 3 - student project
In cool colors palette:

Wildflowers - image 4 - student project

And in this bolder color combination I drew flowers that I haven’t demonstrated in class, using one of my photos from the park walk. It’s a delicate little purple flower and I love how it adds balance to the piece.

Wildflowers - image 5 - student project

I hope you’re inspired enough to create your own wildflowers illustration!

Yifat Fishman
Art & Illustration