Wildflowers - student project

This was honestly a challenge for me!  You make it look so easy.  

I'm used to drawing people, where theres typically the same basic proportions, and get overwhelmed with all the layers and messiness of stems/leaves/petals.  I love nature drawings though, and want to get better.  I embraced to wildness of the leaves and took your advice to be mindful of leaves that look too similar to the ones next to it.  I also stopped watching the lessons 3/4 of the way in because I started watching a movie while coloring, so I'm sure those would have been helpful.  Couldn't decide on a white or color background so did both.  I'm for sure going to try this again (and watch the lessons to the end lol).  

Wildflowers - image 1 - student project


Wildflowers - image 2 - student project

Thank you for this class!