Wildflower studies

Wildflower studies - student project

Hello there!

I want to show you some pages from my floral sketchbook, that I did fill with lovely, loose wildflowers. I took the class “Watercolor Wildflowers: 2 Fun Projects” by Garima Srivastava @mylittlebasil.studio on Skillshare, which was very easy to follow because Garima explains it so very well. I am also amazed by the large variety of flowers you get learn how to paint. A giant bouquet of pure colorful joy!

Thanks again Garima, for this absolutely wonderful class. It’s been a pleasure to attend.


Red flowers:


Wildflower studies - image 1 - student project


Yellow flowers:


Wildflower studies - image 2 - student project



Purple and blue flowers:


Wildflower studies - image 3 - student project


Wildflower studies - image 4 - student project



I had some white space left, so I decided to add some floral line drawings and some quotes/notes



Wildflower studies - image 5 - student project


Wildflower studies - image 6 - student project



Some of the finished flowers I did scan layer on. I wanted to create a Lettering piece combined with florals. Here’s the result:


Wildflower studies - image 7 - student project













Melanie Hoppe

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