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Wilderlings: dolls for the wild ones


Wilderlings are mischievous forest spirits. Although they fancy themselves great warriors, they often get lost in curiosity -- taking on the appearance of whatever captures their attention.

I'm developing Wilderling doll patterns that will be availible for sale in the form of downloadable .pdf's.


The label I'm designing is mainly for online representation-- like the first thing you see on the homepage-- but I would also like it to work as screen-printed or hand-stamped in the future.  For web purposes, it needs to be easily viewed on several different screen resolutions (responsive).

I'm going for hand-drawn with pacific-northwest inspired imagery. The label should tell the story of what a wilderling is in addition to the fact that I'm selling them as doll patterns.


Take 2:

Thank you everyone for you insight!  I gave it another shot, this time taking an entirely different approach. Each rendition adds one more element.  I would like to know which of the three works best.  Thank you!

Take 1:

This is what I've got so far. I'll play around with the color after I decide on the final design.  I like the first one best, but I wanted to put some other ones out there to hear what you guys think.



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