Wilde and Free

Wilde and Free - student project

Wilde and Free - image 1 - student project

The brand I chose is Oliver/Wilde.  To me Oliver/Wilde is a brand that inspires people to live their lifes the way they choose to live it.  There is good and bad in the world, sometimes there's a way to enjoy the good in both.  We try to convey this duality through our designs.   Our designs are clean and refined.  The current theme we are designing for is Wilde and Free.  One of our visual inspirations for this is a music video we were looking at to get across the feeling for Wilde and Free was done by a group called Wallpaper.  

Here is the youtube link if you have a few minutes and want to check it out.


So we know camo has been a common trend recently and since the 4th of July is coming up I decided to do a American Flag Camo with our "Wilde Charge" Design.  The thinking behind the design is that camo is supposed to not look like anything, it's intented to blend in.   By outlining the camo in gold, I'm adding a little twist that presents the camo as a design and contradicts the idea of camo.  It also gives a feeling of pride for our nations colors.  This design celebrates our independance.  Here is a camo I used for reference for color.  You can see how the phone blends and is difficult to identify as a phone.

Wilde and Free - image 2 - student project

Here is the camo design.

Wilde and Free - image 3 - student project

I am also showing the Wilde Charge without the outline on black and white to just give visual reference what it would look like on different colored shirts.


A couple other ideas that are in the very early stages of concept, these are some very rough quick sketches I would like to share with everyone.  These are just a couple that I felt had some potential for a more finished refined design.

Wilde and Free - image 4 - student project

I was thinking of doing a simple yellow crossing signWilde and Free - image 5 - student project for a "Wilde Man" Then I was thinking it's not very wilde cause it was just a guy in a suit posed.  Now I am thinking of adding a twist and making the guy tearing off his suit cause he wants to be free of the business attire and live wilde!

Wilde and Free - image 6 - student project


One more shirt idea I have been trying to flesh out is the "Wilde Side" shirt.  Showing our wilde side or our alter ego is easier for some, not as easy for others.  I like to think we all have a Wilde Side and this is a design that promotes.  At the same time I'm trying to fin nd an interesting way of presenting the phrase Wilde Side.   This is a very rough sketch and I'm looking checker boards as a main reference for the design.  Since the checker board is so busy and the text is limited I have reduced the amount of squares to 9.

Wilde and Free - image 7 - student projectWilde and Free - image 8 - student projectI happend to get a glimpse of the twitter logo and I got the Wilde idea of morphing the icon into a hybrid of the Oliver/Wilde Charge.  Just for fun I wanted to see how it would look, so I sketched it out really quick.  It could just be a just a funny post we could use one day or actually use it as a custom twitter clickable icon on our site.  I thought it was a fun idea and a sketch so I wanted to share with you all.  

Wilde and Free - image 9 - student project