Wilde & Free Collection

Wilde & Free Collection - student project

Wilde & Free Collection - image 1 - student project

Wilde & Free Collection - image 2 - student project

Oliver Wilde is a lifestyle brand that embodies the alternative path. Duality exists in every aspect of our life - the good and the bad, the expected and the unexpected, the success and the failure. Embracing this can provide the best of both worlds.

To inspire a powerful lifestyle through dualistic art and design.

Aloha, I chose Oliver/Wilde Brand because it is a new bay area brand that has an upcoming set of T-Shirt designs called the "Wilde & Free Collection". In this collection I would like to create a few T-Shirt Designs that will help the brand. Below are a few inspirational photographs/imagery I would like to capture the feeling and head in the direction for a few shirt designs.

Wilde & Free Collection - image 3 - student project   

HI All ! Below are my design ideas. If there are ways I can push the overall designs please let me know as any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :-D 

The Oliver Wilde brand has a consistent use of design elements in the shirts, however, they are not limited to them. The repeating design elements are: 3 stars, a divided symbol and a Charge Icon (Dual-Headed Eagle) in the designs. As mentioned above the 2013 spring/summer shirt collection is called "Wilde & Free". I really wanted to capture the feeling of that collection in the above images within my designs. 

Please note that some of these designs still need some refining (as they always do), I just wanted to show as much as I can to get as much feedback on the Skillshare Class as possible. 

Thank you in advance!

Design #1: Living Wilde and Free (trying to obtain a very youthful feeling with a limited desaturated color palette). 

Wilde & Free Collection - image 4 - student project

Design #2: Wilde & Free Image  -Capturing the Charge Icon in the clouds (still needs work) of a morning sunrise photogrph and utilizing a handwritten/playful type to contrast. 

Wilde & Free Collection - image 5 - student project

Design #3: Charge Icon "Can You See Me?" Camo (name in progress lol) This design is a little more on the "wild" side. 

Wilde & Free Collection - image 6 - student project

Design #4: Custom Camo. With Camo being very "in style" at the moment a friend and I thought it would be fun to capture the idea of camo within a rectangle of a shirt, where again the contrast/opposite of what camo would typically be used for in fashion or in the field.  

Wilde & Free Collection - image 7 - student project

Design #5: Tanks with Badges (Any thoughts on these based on the brand concept?) 

Wilde & Free Collection - image 8 - student project

Wilde & Free Collection - image 9 - student project

 Thank you for taking the time to review the T-Shirt Designs. :-D

- Chris Jacobs