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Wilde Design

I fiddled and fiddled with several versions of this, then pretty much changed the whole thing. I learned a lot about blend, which I almost never use.

First I was working with this font for 'Wilde' but couldn't find anything to do with it. I used another script font for 'design' and then decided I liked it better. I do like the way the 'W' and 'i' fit together on this one.


I tried it out without a capital letter, it's okay...


So I tried it with a captial 'W' and I liked it, except for the flourish on the 'W'. I decided that could be a ribbon. I had to bring it into Photoshop to give 'design' a little curve to fit the ribbon.


The ribbon idea got me thinking...I often use ribbons in my work, sort of an homage to my years as a clothing designer. So I did another completely different logo and I like it a lot. Not completely happy with the background color, but that's simple enough to change. Might use this on my business card.



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