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Wildcats logo

I wanted to redesign the logo for my favorite (and hometown) college basketball team, the Kentucky Wildcats. Also known as the UK Wildcats. Wild cats come in many forms, however, Kentucky's version is the bobcat. I found many good reference images and settled on the one below.

I didn't like the downward pointing ears of this cat, so I took some artistic license with the ears. Below is the rough sketch.

The next pass, I simplified, passing on the head lines and focusing on the outlines.

At this point, I was not particularly satisfied with the nose or the width of the chin. So I began to use circles and the pathfinder to make areas as round as possible when possible. 

Still unsatisfied with the nose, I took one more pass using the circle shape tool and came up w/ the following as a final outline, again using the pathfinder as much as possible.

The addition of color and the presentation techniques lead me to the following as a final image.

Big thanks again to Fraser for sharing his process. I'm quite competent in Illustrator from working with custom typography and the occassional black/white icon or lettermark, however, moving a bit more into character illustration has been always been challenging for me. Seeing how the master works was quite enlightening and inspirational. Thanks again, Fraser. I look forward to catching up on Makers of Sport Podcast.


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