Wild camping in Sweden

Wild camping in Sweden - student project

Hi everyone, 


My concept for my illustrations is 'Wild camping in Sweden'. 

For SET 1 I illustrated a backpack, a tent, a 'primus' kitchen and a typical Swedish 'brygga' (I believe it's called 'jetty' in English).


Wild camping in Sweden - image 1 - student project

SET 2 shows the following concepts:

1. My favorite thing about wild camping is that you never have to rush anywhere when you have a tent with you. This gives a feeling of time affluence. By carrying your home with you, you can stay wherever you want. No rush to check-ins in hotels or having to get to a certain place in time. 

2. Light all night: In summer the sun never sets in Sweden. 

3. Taking a (morning) swim. There are so many lakes and it is awesome to take a jump in the water after waking up or at any time really. 

4. Looking for a camping spot on Google maps. Google maps satellite view is perfect for finding a nice place to put up your tent. 


Wild camping in Sweden - image 2 - student project

Thanks for the course Tom. This has been a great experience! 


I'm happy with any feedback (both positive and constructive). Would love to grow more in my illustrations.