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Wild Poppy Press

I have chosen to do my project on Wild Poppy Press, a custom letterpress and stationery shop, with a focus on wedding invitations. 

I'm based in NYC and there are several letterpress and staionery stores in the area. Here's a look at a few of their logos: 


Quite a few of them have a classic or vintage feel; a nod to this old printing method. I especially like the Greenwich Letterpress logo (and one of my favorite shops!). It has a nice script and doesn't feel to stodgy. 

For the Wild Poppy Press logo, however, I'm envisioning something with a beautiful script, but with a touch of whimsy and a "handmade" feel. I did research on script logo types, logos with floral themes and wedding-related businesses. Here's a few of my favorites: 


The last logo, Honey Wood, is my favorite. I love the compact shape of it; looks like it would make an awesome stamp. 

I think letterpress and wedding stationery is a tough, saturated market, but I'm eager to try to find a logo solution that will standout!


And here's where I generally get stuck! This time doesn't seem to be any different. I'm not great at drawing. I'm a doodler, at best. So I often feel like I can't quite execute what I'm visualizing in my head. Does any one else struggle with this? Is it just a matter of practice makes perfect? 

Anyway, here's a few a few of my sketches: 


I found myself coming back to iterations of this: 


Specifically the D and that swash: 


I'm having the most trouble with the decesnders and the double p's. 


Not super thrilled with many of these, but feel like it's progressing a little bit. Hoping to take some time soon to experiment with brush lettering to see if that sparks anything. 

UPDATE 8/31/15: More Sketches

Took some time to refine these further and finally feel like I'm getting somewhere. I did a little experiementing with brush lettering and found it really helped. I think it also just helped me loosen up a bit and find different ways composing the letters. Here's a peek: 


Nothing super polished here, but like I said: The process really helped. Here's a few of the resulting sketches: 





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