Wild Optimism

Wild Optimism - student project


I've actually had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now and this class seemed like a really good opportunity to go ahead and make it. 

I wanted to do a small series dealing with rethinking how we look at luck and perceptions of optimism. For me, optimism is a fluid concept. Even in extreme situations, feeling something is always better than feeling nothing because it means that you’re still alive.

With this in mind, I created two patterns with graphic elements depicting typical stereotypes and tropes dealing with bad luck and psychopaths (bonus if you can guess what all of them are!). I had a really fun time with these and I wanted the outcome to be bright and fun to contrast with the subject matter and further the overall theme of (twisted) optimism. 


Bad luck:

Wild Optimism - image 1 - student project


Wild Optimism - image 2 - student project


Bad luck:

Wild Optimism - image 3 - student project


Wild Optimism - image 4 - student project


Wild Optimism - image 5 - student project

Wild Optimism - image 6 - student project