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Melodie Pisciotti

Freelance Designer at WeAreGiants.



Wild Ones*

Inspirational piece of pop culture (lyric):

"Hey I heard you were a wild one" by Flo Rida featuring Sia

Background story:

In the Spring of 2012, I was in the middle of a very crucial time in my college career. My graphic design class, correction... my family of creatives and myself made a huge trip outside of the country (to Hong Kong then Thailand to be exact) to present one of our senior projects. Although the sole reason for our travels was to present our work, we created a lot of memorable experiences to last us a lifetime. Somehow in the mix of it all, Wild Ones by Flo Rida featuring Sia became our theme song.


Wild Ones is about social life-- laughing, partying, love, friends, having fun, dancing... When were done with our stressful caffeine induced nights and mornings it was time for some play. It wasn't all about parties, it was about doing something outside of our normal lives. This song is now about my group of friends and I hiking up Victoria Peak, visiting the Big Buddah, riding elephants, experiencing the floating market, ziplining, lighting lanterns and letting them float away into the sky!

This song is very nostalgic, bright, whimsical, fun... and perfect for this project!* It reminds me of where I started as a designer and where it has got me in my creative career.


The following is a brainstorm of what "Wild Ones" means to me and how it has evolved beyond that partying life that it is known for. It reminds me of how I've learned not only from my professors but from my classmates and created things beyond my imagination.

Visual Moodboard:

A mix of bold colors and bold typography that is experimental and fun. I also designed my board in a way that is random and wild with images overlapping others and different crops and scaling.

Initial sketches/explorations:

I want to create something bold, fluid and well... WILD!

Still in the exploration stage but I wanted to see how it would look digitally

Then from exploring very bold handwritten type I started to see how I could create some interesting ligatures and make the piece less rustic and more clean but keeping the boldness.

Finalized piece:

so after cleaning up the balance of this piece and adding some texture and editing colors this is that I came up with. 


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