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Wild Monster DropCap


Hey Everyone! I took the advice of those of you who offered suggestions (you know who you are). I really appreciate all the feedback I have received from everyone during the creation of my project! Skillshare is awesome, and all of you are awesome! 

In this latest revision, I brought stylistic elements into the background, replacing what was previously solid color. I also tapered the tip of the s to give the shape a subtle shift in contrast. 

Thanks again! 



Hey everyone, this is my first vectorized version of the letter. Still room for exploration in color. I will also push to  refine the letter more when I get the time.  Any suggestions? 

Hey everyone. For this last revision, I have decided to focus in on my cursive capital "S". In this revision I have gone back and incorporated the textures in my original sketches, but this time I have gone back to the book and studied the textures more closely. I have also adjusted the letter form to be a bit more balanced. I am looking forward to bringing this bad boy into the computer for some digitalizing! 


here  I have  revised the cursive S to read more like an S. I am really drawn to the cursive S, but if it just isn't working I will move forward with the traditional shape. Let me know if this reads less like an ampersand!


Hi everyone! I took advice from everyone and explored a few other ways to approach the letter "s" to avoid it reading as an ampersand. My first few studies were of a traditional letter "s", and once I saw Linnie Greene's comment about possibly having the monster hand interact with the letter, I had to give it a shot. I think that the capital letter "S" in cursive is very beautiful, and through my studies I believe I was able to create a solid way of incorporating an interaction between the hand and the letterform. I think that an idea to improve this latest draft would be to decrease the size of the claws on the monster hand to reveal just a bit more of the scaley texture of the letter beneath. Any thoughts?

Below are my studies leading up to the curisve letter above: 


Hello everyone! My name is Ray Mawst, and I am a graphic designer who is highly interested in combining illustration and typography. For my project I decided to choose "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. After sketching out some ideas, I decided to go in the direciton of a dropcap that resembles the characters in the book. 

My first sketch in this direction was based off of the characteristics of the monsters in the book. 

In the revision below, I modified the letter "S" to have a more bulbus lower half that increases in thickness. I thought that this would better represent the monsters in the book who tend to have large bellies. I also decided to add a crown on top of the letter. In the book, the boy becomes king of the monsters. 


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