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Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken

Welp, here we go!

This is my first Skillshare course. I've actually just started making my list of items to purchase so I can even complete this project. I am a lover of all things creative but I have yet to find "my style". I have an uncanny ability to recreate art within any medium.....but I often struggle to create from my minds' eye. Case in point: I really, REALLY wanted to start the warm-up exercise by opening the projects tab and looking at everyone else's work....ya know, just to make sure I was on the right track....*cough*....or so I could copy what everyone else was doing....

I forced myself to finish the warm-up without overthinking, and without looking at any references. And I was pretty bummed to find that each "mood" pretty much looked like the next. However, I'm really looking forward to pushing myself in the class to get creative and try something new!

I selected the quote, "Wild hearts can't be broken". It is actually the title of one of my favorite childhood movies, and I felt the words would translate nicely into calligraphy.





Wow, this was significantly more difficult than I anticipated. I tend to work very quickly with fast hand movements, and learning calligraphy really takes more time and patience than I was aware of. I do wish I would have purchased a nib with a finer point. I wanted there to be a more drastic difference between my up and down strokes. Still, even with a finer nib, I think I would have really struggled with practicing the pressure. I'm excited to continue working on this skill!

Great class!


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