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Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

ild is a really amazing and true story written by the author Cheryl Strayed, based on her journal entries she wrote as she hiked over a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail in 1995. In a nutshell she had just been divorced, and lost her Mom when she decided to start her hike.

Word List:

Strayed, Boots, Necklace, Shoelaces, Broken, Depressed, Horse, New Start, Hippies

Australians, Honda Civic, HORSE, Boxes, Miles, Amazonian Woman, Pack, Monster.


*So I am literally the worst at sketching, but I hope I can still get my concepts across so far.

1. Backpack Concept; Monster is the nickname Cheryl gives her backpack. It's massive, and at the beginning of her journey she is barely strong enough to walk with it. It's kind of this constant reminder of all her emotional baggage she's carrying as well. As she goes it becomes less of a burden. This would be the tough  

2. Boots concept. She wears these boots that are too small and fall apart very quickly, but she can't afford/access new ones on the trail, so she just makes them work. The book cover also features a boot, but I thought it might be original enough if I turned the boots into a W.

3. Similar to the boots concept, these are laces that formed into W, that would be covered in leaves, burrs, and other woodsy bits.

This is the simplest concept, a map of the pacific crest trail with her path in the shape of a W. Her journey in the book kind of goes all over, and she goes off the trail a couple of times in the book.


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