Wild Flowers

Wild Flowers - student project

Hi everyone !

My name is Clémence and I'm a young French. I always liked to draw (even if my drawing is not that great) and to sew. I am currently taking a break from my studies, for month I was searching what to do with myself when I discovered Surface Pattern Design on Skillshare. Creating pattern is fun and I'm proud of my work, I'm always amazed with the results knowing at the begging it was only small sketches !

Here is my work for this advanced class :

My sketches, I drew with a pencil then with a black pen on top.

Wild Flowers - image 1 - student projectWild Flowers - image 2 - student projectWild Flowers - image 3 - student project


The vectorized drawing in Illustrator.

Wild Flowers - image 4 - student project

My color palette (from personal photography).

Wild Flowers - image 5 - student project

The floral arrangement (some motifs didn't make it).

Wild Flowers - image 6 - student project

First of all the basic pattern (but still pretty).

Wild Flowers - image 7 - student project


Here is the geometric pattern (not amazing, but could make a really cute lining)

Wild Flowers - image 8 - student project

The diagonal pattern (easier then I thought !)

Wild Flowers - image 9 - student project


And the layered pattern, it really brings depth and grace to the pattern.

Wild Flowers - image 10 - student project


A second color way,

Wild Flowers - image 11 - student project


The diagonal pattern with some texture. I created the texture and we can see the repeating lines of it :S I just have to say that it's an ornamental tiling texture !

Wild Flowers - image 12 - student project


Finally for the lined pattern I reinterpreted the "marinière" pattern.

Wild Flowers - image 13 - student project


Thank you for viewing my work,


Clémence Eugénie
Oser, aimer, créer.